Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey all!  Long time, no post!  

Ever since I started this blog I haven't had many comments on the posts, which in turn made me believe no one was reading it.  I don't mind if I'm the only one reading the blog, since I'm really doing this for myself.  But, it's hard to stay committed to posting regularly if I know no one is checking up on me!  Well, I finally installed one of those nifty trackers/counters and I've come to realize that even though there aren't comments, there are definitely people visiting!  Yay!  So, if you are reading this I'd really appreciate it if you could just toss me a comment every now and then.  

Now, for a job update.  I last posted about a job interview I had for an unpaid position.  I felt the interview went fine, but I wasn't the biggest fan of the attorney and the idea of working for free.  Although the attorney told me he would contact me when he started a case he needed help on, I kind of doubted that and figured I wouldn't hear from him again.  Well, I was wrong.  About 3-4 days after the interview I received a short email from the attorney sent around 7pm.  He basically requested my presence at his office the following morning to meet with a client about an upcoming case.  He ended the email with reaffirming the fact that this was going to be an UNPAID position.  I won't get into too much detail, but I was a little turned off about a lot of what the email contained.  I decided that I really just couldn't bring myself to work for this person so I politely declined.

One week ago, I had another interview for another firm in the area of law I want to practice.  I absolutely loved the attorneys and the way they manage their firm.  The interview went spectacularly well, but I don't know if it will be the right position for me.  The attorneys are really looking for a part-time paralegal, not an attorney.  They recently hired an attorney who is only doing paralegal work for the firm.  I'm worried that if I do get the job, I'll be stuck in a paralegal position (with paralegal pay) for who knows how long.  In the end, like most things, it will come down to the money.  The attorneys said they need to figure out if they will be able to "afford me."  They understand that if I pass the bar, I'm going to want more responsibilities and more money.  They said they want me to be a part of their team, but they just need to see if it's financially feasible.  I should be finding out in a week or so, so cross your fingers for me please!

I have a few more updates, but since this post is already packed full I'll save them for another day!


  1. Good luck! I hope it works out for you. Really? Somebody wanted you to do work for no pay? Wow!!

  2. Love your blog! Hope you get the perfect job! Let is know. XO