Thursday, October 28, 2010

Good Old College Days

My boyfriend and I met our freshman year of college.  We instantly became best friends.  We had so much in common-same outlook on life, same values, same future goals, etc.  We just clicked.  We didn't officially start dating until 2.5 years later, but our friendship was immediate. 

We constantly talk about the good old college days and wish, more than anything, we could go back to that time.  People aren't kidding when they say college is the best time of your life! 

Last night around 8pm we were missing our college friends and our typical college night routine so we decided to be spontaneous and have some fun... In college, a typical Thurs.-Sat. night included dinner out with friends, going back to someone's dorm/apt and drinking/playing games/having fun.  This was always followed up by aimlessly roaming around our small college campus and then a call to our campus shuttle for a ride to Del Taco. 

So, what did we do?  We hit up the grocery store for some alcohol (beer for bf, wine for me) and on our way home stopped off at Del Taco for our usual college order! (We haven't had Del Taco since college!)  And in true college fashion, as we were finishing up the evening and getting ready for bed, bf shattered a glass all over the carpet! 

When bf's alarm went off early this morning we were quickly reminded why we can't really go back to college (hello tiredness and headache!)  Do you miss your college days?

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  1. I miss college, but mostly for the carefree attitude we could have and some of the naivete I had about finding a job and money and all that stuff. But then again, I don't think I was to write the papers and the research and the exams. I don't miss that.