Saturday, November 20, 2010


I PASSED THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm beyond excited right now :)

Last night at 6pm the scores were posted.  Around 5:57pm my dad called me.  I hadn't told him I would be receiving the results because he comes to visit on Wednesday and I wanted to tell him in person-pass or fail.  So he talks my ear off for about 15 minutes and finally says he has to go.  I sit down, pull up the website and enter my magic numbers.  A few people had told me what the screen would look like if I passed and the second I saw it I screamed!  

The funny part is that while I was on the phone with my dad, my boyfriend was a nervous wreck.  He was pacing up and down the room practically shaking.  What I later came to find out is he sneakily wrote down my codes and a little after 6 entered them into his own computer!  Except....he entered them wrong because it said "This name does not appear on the pass list..."  So for about 5+ minutes he thought I had failed!!!!!!!!!!  He actually got tears in his eyes and walked into the bathroom so I wouldn't notice.  I, of course, was so wrapped up in my convo with my dad that I didn't even notice any of this.  When I got off the phone and sat down to look at the results, my boyfriend sat across from me and couldn't even look at me because he didn't want to see my initial reaction of failure (because he thought I had failed at that point).  When I screamed that I passed, he ran over, looked at the screen and burst into tears!  Now, I've known my boyfriend for more than 6 years and I've only seen him cry twice (at funerals for my mom and his grandfather).  He's not a crier.  He cried MUCH more than I did last night.  He literally cried on and off for HOURS.  I love him :) 

After jumping up and down, screaming and taking a screen shot of the screen saying I passed (and a pic on my phone so I could refer to it all night long when I doubted it was real) I just had to tell my dad.  I knew I couldn't keep the news to myself for the next 5 days.  My dad had also been a little upset (hence our conversation) about some stuff so I knew it would put him in a wonderful mood.

I called him up, asked if he was sitting down and said "I found out about the bar."  His response: "Oh god, what is it..."  When I said I passed he was ecstatic!  He talked to me for a few minutes and then said "I'll call you back in a little while."  I was kind of surprised he wanted to get off the phone so quickly but when he called me back 10 minutes later he told me that he had just sent an email out to all of his company, his personal friends and some of our family (umm embarrassing!!!!!!!)  He was reading me the responses from guys he works with, haha.  Of course we talked about my mom and how we both had wished she was alive to be here for all this- it was definitely a tear fest.  

Anyways, I know this post is a ramble, but my mind is still going 100mph.  But yeah, I passed!


  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! So super excited for you and love the story about the boyfriend. So very sweet! Enjoy and find some time for celebrating this weekend!!

  2. Congrats! That is awesome!

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