Friday, November 12, 2010

What a Waste!

I know, I know, I really need to stop with all these depressing posts.  But what can I say, I'm having a bad luck month!

I mentioned that I had another interview today.  The interview was for a paralegal position at a firm that has about 12 different southern California locations.  Ironically I had sent my resume to this firm a few months ago for an associate position, but never heard back.  

To be honest, I was quite surprised I got a call for an interview because most firms that are looking for a paralegal/legal assistant do not consider law school graduates who are waiting for bar results.  I know this firsthand since, well, I've applied for about 77 of them!  When I got the call about the interview, the assistant asked me a few basic questions, including whether or not I sat for the July bar.  When I informed her I did, her response was "great!" 

So anyways, I went to my interview this morning, which by the way, was about 40 minutes from my house.  The girl I interviewed with was probably a few years younger than me (I'm only 24, so she was young).  She was very nice and asked me a couple questions.  She said I seemed like a great candidate and she wanted to go talk to the attorney about me.  She explained that the attorney had been very busy that morning so she wasn't sure she'd have time to speak with me (um, why schedule me for an interview if I would need to talk to the attorney and she wouldn't be available?).  She returned a few minutes later and said the attorney would like to speak with me in her office so she led the way.  

Immediately upon introducing myself to the attorney she said "So, I have an obvious question, why are you interviewing for this position if you just took the bar?"  I gave my standard, prepared answer and anxiously awaited more questions about my background/skills/experience, etc., but instead all I got was, "Well, I'm a little worried that since you took the bar you won't be around very long."  I, again, gave my very well thought-out response.  Finally, she said "You obviously are qualified, but we've had lots of interviews and we have a few more scheduled for next week so you'll hear from us soon."  

She asked me NOTHING about my experience or my skills...NOTHING.  She simply wasn't interested because I took the July bar.  And that's all good and dandy (and again, I expected they probably wouldn't hire me because of that) but why in the world did you bring me in for an interview if you had no desire of at least finding out more about me and my qualifications.  You knew BEFORE I came in for the interview that I had taken the bar.  

Ugh, I was fuming!  Again, I totally understood that the chances of me getting this job were slim, but if you are going to have me drive 40 minutes for this interview, at least INTERVIEW me.  Don't ask me one question you already know the answer to and then say "thanks, see ya." Altogether I was in that office for no more than 7 minutes.  Really, my boyfriend was actually in the car waiting-he timed it.  7 minutes!!!!!!

This one really got to me.  I'm not sure why, but this one almost put me over the top.  Bar results come out in exactly one week and I've been on edge about that the past few days.  I'm sure this interview came at a really bad time, but I just feel very defeated.

I'm contemplating whether or not I should even write a thank you.  I always follow-up my interviews with thank you letters.  Even the interviews I've hated.  But, instead of a thank you I really want to send them a bill for my gas and time that they wasted by having me come interview for a position that I really was never a candidate for.  

Yuck.  Sorry for my pessimistic attitude, I'm just frustrated. 


  1. Ugh, I understand your frustration. It really seemed like a waste of time for you and the firm. That being said, write the thank you--you don't want to burn bridges or otherwise leave a bad impression, just in case.

  2. I said you applied for an associate position at this firm...perhaps you can apply again...send the thank you note and be the gracious person you are.

    I am sorry they sucked...they did seemingly waste your time...I don't even get the paralegal callbacks for paralegal positions. But I guess this is part of the process... under-qualified for what we want to do, overqualified for what we're willing to do.

  3. That is rather ridiculous. But, you never know who knows who at which firm, so a thank you would still probably be a good idea. I've had numerous feelings like this, but I always had to keep in mind that it's a smaller world than we think and the minute we do something rude or mean or whatever, it will come back to bite us in the butt. Good luck with the job search and the bar results!!!