Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Need a Hobby...

As I've already mentioned oh one or two times on this blog- I'm unemployed and bored.  The first week of having nothing to do was relaxing, the second week was nice, the third week was manageable and somewhat productive (cleaning the house isn't so bad when you have absolutely nothing else to do!)  But now, almost 4 weeks in with having no commitments has left me feeling downright bored!  The situation is not made any easier due to the fact that my boyfriend just started school so between that and work he's gone most days. 

I really need to find something to do all day.  A hobby, a job, anything!  Since I'm having trouble on the job front I guess I need a hobby.  But that's the problem, I can't think of one!  So that's where I need help.  Help!

Tell me, what hobbies do you have?  If you had all the free time in the world, what would you be doing?


  1. New follower here from blogfrog! My obbies at the moment are: knitting, crochet, photography. I'm going to the scrapbooking expo in Ontario in October, so I guess I'll start that up also!!! what kind of law do you want to practice? I was a criminal defense paralegal (public defenders office) for about five years.

  2. Hi Ms. Diva!

    Ohh, scrapbooking would be fun! Thanks for the idea!

    Ideally I'd like to practice family law or children's rights law. But, I will practice any kind of law I can find a job in!

    How did you like criminal defense work? My boyfriend works for a private criminal defense firm and really enjoys it.